Show your support of Fatbiking on the Vasa!

Our access is under pressure!

We have had a very successful season mixing fatbikes with skis on the Vasa this winter with smiles on the faces of both skiers and cyclists alike.  While the long term plan is a fatbike route in the same section of forest, losing access to the Vasa is not an option.

If you dig fatbikes and have had a blast on the Vasa this winter, please sign our petition to the DNR and take a few minutes to email Todd Neiss at the DNR with your support.

See you on the trails!

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – October 5

Join NMMBA’s Take a Kid/Mom Mountain Biking Day Celebration on Oct. 5

The Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association (NMMBA) will host young riders, ages 4 to 17, for a youth mountain biking event. The ride is part of a nationwide celebration known as Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, supported by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

Saturday October 5th, 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Timber Ridge Resort
4050 Hammond Road East
Traverse City, Michigan 49696

All parents and kids welcome!
Fun singletrack loops, skills course, Helmet and bike check, cosmic dodgeball, food, bike blender smoothies, swag and more. All riders must wear helmets to participate.

More event info at

See you there!

Spring Trail Work Days Announced

The Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association is currently seeking volunteers to help with spring trail maintenance on northern Michigan trails. We need your help getting the following trails back into shape for the 2013 riding season:

VASA Single Track: Meet at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, May 1 at the VASA Single Track parking lot off Supply Road. Bring work gloves, safety glasses, loppers, handsaws, and what ever you need to work comfortably. Plan for 2-3 hours of work. Contact John Roe at for more information.

High Country Pathway #1: Join us the weekend of April 27th for a full day of trail work beginning at 9AM Saturday on the Atlanta side of the Pigeon River Forest. Camping will be provided at Clear Lake State Park on Friday and Saturday night. Snacks and meals will also be provided on Saturday. Bring camping gear, your bike, water, and anything you need to work and be comfortable on the trails all day. Contact for details or if you plan on attending.

High Country Pathway #2: Join us the weekend of may 11th for a full day of trail work beginning at 9AM Saturday on the west side of the Pigeon River Forest. Lodging will be provided along with food and snacks at the DNR bunkhouse off Sturgeon Valley Road in Vanderbilt. We’ll be staying overnight on Friday and Saturday. Bring sleeping gear if you plan to camp, also bring your bike, and anything you need to work and be comfortable on the trail all day. Contact for details or if you plan on attending.

Aspen Park: Meet at 9AM on Saturday, May 4th at Aspen Park trailhead in Gaylord. Bring water, work gloves, loppers, handsaws, and what ever you need to work comfortably. Plan for 4-6 hours of work. Lunch will be provided. Contact Jeff Wegmeyer at with questions or for more details.

Volunteer assistance is what the NMMBA is built on.  Giving us a few hours on a weekend is what makes great trails possible!

2012 in Review

It’s been a busy and rewarding season for the Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, looking back it’s hard to believe 2013 is upon us as the year seemed to go by in a flash.

Thanks to our supporters and volunteers we have been able to accomplish a huge amount of work and generate more awareness of the fantastic riding opportunities here in northern Michigan.  Below are a few of the highlights of 2012.

  • For the first time ever we were able to clear all but one mile of the High Country Pathway from deadfall and large debris during the spring clean up.  We had volunteers come from as far as Ann Arbor and Grand Haven to assist on this epic 80+ mile loop.
  • Assisted the Grand Traverse Hiking Club by removing the storm damage from the Lake Ann trail while their normal trail maintainer was recovering from surgery.
  • NMMBA volunteers took part in the inaugural TART trail snow clearing initiative.  Our efforts helped keep Traverse City bike friendly all winter.
  • Cleaned up and opened the Vasa Singletrack loop in mid April thanks to a huge turn out by volunteers.  It took over 30 man hours to remove all the snow damaged trees and re-open the trail corridor after the most destructive snow fall the region has seen in years.
  • Assisted in re-opening the VASA 25k after the large snowstorm.  It took literally hundreds of man hours to get the trail system open again and we were glad to be a part of it.
  • The IMBA trail crew visit was a huge success.  The shared event with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy helped train new trail builders from all over the state.   Beyond that, it generated awareness around the Glacial Hills trail which is well on it’s way to being a destination trail for riders from all over the state and beyond.  Our hat’s off to the land conservancy and we are happy to have helped be a part of this wonderful community supported gem.
  • The Long and Short’s ride was awesome! Thanks to those that rode, the volunteers and sponsors that made it possible.   Our events help generate revenue to do things like buy tools, signage, pay for volunteer food, camping etc.  While volunteerism and memberships are our number one priority to keep the lights on, finances are a close second.  Beyond keeping us on a strong foundation, the event also helped expose dozens of riders to riding trails that are often overlooked.   The North Country Trail and Muncie Lakes are just two of the fun rides that we are lucky enough to have in our region that don’t get the accolades they deserve.

Looking forward!
2013 has lots of work on the horizon and we’ll need your help.   We have a trail proposal nearing the approval stages inKalkaska, bridges and boardwalks to replace on the High Country Pathway, VASA Singletrack Re-routes and plenty of ongoing maintenance on all the trails we help manage.

We thank you again for your support this past season and hope you make it your new year’s resolution to come out for a trail day or two in 2013!

Happy new year!

Spring Clean up at the HCP

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers from all over the state, the High Country Pathway is clear and open for riders and hikers.  Over three weekends our volunteer crews put in over 150 man hours removing deadfall and opening up narrow trail corridors in the Pigeon River and Atlanta forests.  Keeping up with the 90 miles of trail contained within the High Country and Shingle Mill pathways is a daunting task, but the volunteers who are dedicated to this trail make the work fun and rewarding.  We are proud to work with the DNR and Pigeon River Association to keep this, the longest IMBA epic ride something special to all that experience it.

Want to get involved?  Email us at to find out how or like us on

VASA Singletrack Spring Workday

The 20″+ of snow out in the VASA is quickly melting, it’s time to think bikes instead of skis.

Saturday April 14th we’ll be meeting at the Singletrack trail head at 9:00 AM for the spring clean up.  We expect there to be a significant amount of debris down from the snowstorm this past weekend so the more hands the better.

What should you bring?  Bring water and what ever you need to be comfortable in the woods for half a day.  Loppers and small handsaws will be very helpful as well as eye protection if you have it.  We’ll bring along Mcleod’s for sand removal along with various other tools and loaner safety glasses.

Post clean-up lunch will be provided by the NMMBA.

Hope to see you there!

High Country Pathway Spring Workdays

It may still be cold out, but it’s time to start planning for spring and the clean up needed to keep a 80 mile loop open.

Saturday April 28th we’ll be starting on the Vanderbilt side and staying in the historic staff house located on Twin lakes Road next to the park headquarters. From here we’ll work on clearing the west sides of the trail.

Saturday May 12th we’ll be starting from and camping at Clear lake and working the east side of the trail system.

What should you bring?

If you plan on doing an overnight, any camping gear you would typically need for both clear lake and the staff house. We’ll feed you dinner/lunch and provide snacks for while you are out on the trail. Bikes are the preferred method of travel on this trail to help cover lots of ground. Loppers, backpacks for tools and supplies, and safety glasses also a good idea. And of course bring what ever you would typically need for a few hour excursion through the woods.

If you are not overnighting it and driving in the morning of, we’ll be starting at 9:00 AM on both days.

PM me or post up if you have any questions and thanks for your help in keeping the HCP epic!


Please see the thread at: or email if you can attend.


MMBA Northern Chapter is now a part of IMBA!

As many of you already know we are now a part of IMBA under the chapter program.  The Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association will be building off it’s 21 years with the MMBA and bringing you even more cool opportunities in 2012.

Looking to join as a non-current MMBA, former or new member?  More info can be found below, or just click join on the right side of your screen:

Now that most of the MMBA chapters have transitioned into the IMBA chapter program, how do you renew your membership or join? Sign up for your IMBA membership at and select the appropriate chapter. When registering for your account, be sure to use the same email address that you used with the MMBA, if applicable.

If your chapter does not show up in the list, it probably hasn’t completed the transition. In that case, select “I don’t have a local chapter or my club is not listed” when you get to the last dropdown box. Your membership will merge with your chapter when it completes the transition.

If you already have an IMBA account, you can login by visiting and clicking on “Login” in the upper right corner. Afterward, click on “Edit Account” in the same spot to make changes or view your information.

IMBA membership money is split between IMBA and your local chapter.  Money for IMBA corporate sponsorships stay with IMBA.  Businesses who wish to support the MMBA with statewide advocacy efforts may sign up as an MMBA Corporate Sponsor.