Kalkaska Trail Project

We need your support; the Kalkaska MTB trail system is poised at becoming the marquee MTB single track of the Grand Traverse Region  - The largest network of unadulterated backcountry single track in Michigan. 24 miles of progressive stacked loops will take mountain bikes deep into the wilds of the Pere Marquette State Forest – 7,000 square acres to discover who you are.

Phase One 2014 – Design and build a 6mile scenic novice loop that takes riders young and old out to Smith Lake and back.

Once the snow melts our Kalkaska Leadership Team will take to the trail, evaluating every square inch of the existing trail within the Smith Lake area. We must ultimately decide on whether or not we abandon or rebuild sections of existing trails depending on sustainability and the fun factor. Our aim for phase one is to create a family friendly community trail loop that is enjoyable for novice riders. We have a ton of work ahead of us; none of which would be possible without your generosity - you can help buy investing your time, talents & financial support.

A donation of any amount will go directly towards the cost of construction.



Read our Mission Statement:

Kalkaska Trail Project Mission Statement

View the map of all our existing trails within the scope of this project:

Kalkaska Trail Project Map