The Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association works to gain access to land to build and maintain sustainable mountain bike trails.

The mission of the NMMBA is to promote responsible mountain biking and to work toward the goals of common land access and natural resource protection through interaction with policy makers, mountain bikers and other trail users. Our membership represents all levels of riders, from beginners to champion racers. A common passion for trail riding and stewardship brings us together as a collective voice.

Every year our organization provides hundreds volunteer hours supporting over 150 miles of singletrack, multi-use trails in northern Michigan.  Great trails don’t just happen, they are made possible by passionate volunteers with your support.

Chapter Board

  • President – John Roe
  • Past President – Glen Ruczynski
  • Vice President – Don Clewley
  • Secretary – Steve Mentzer
  • Treasurer – Kim White
  • Communications director – Dave Waeltz
  • State Board Representative – Kim White

Trail Coordinators

  • Aspen Park – Jeff Wegmyer
  • Cadillac Pathway – Kris Sutten
  • Hanson Hills –
  • High Country Pathway – Glen Ruczynski
  • Shingle Mill Pathway – Glen Ruczynski
  • Vasa Singletrack – John Roe
  • Kalkaska Trail Project – Don Clewley