Presidential Update

The MMBA hasmade their presence known to many new faces & organizations during the past year. Here is a rundown on some of the projects that have been completed within the past year or are in-progress. Thank you volunteers for sacrificing your time & energy for the cycling community in northern Michigan and beyond!

  • Glen Lake High School: A call early in the spring opened the opportunity for the northern chapter and community volunteers to help Jeff Barrett plan new trail behind the Glen Lake High School. Several work days saw local volunteers and students create a new trail for students to ride on. Thanks Chris Remy, Jon Rose, Jeff Snyder, Don Cunckle and others for the help in making this happen for the kids!
  • VASA/Cherry Capital Cycling Club: Glen spent several evenings at the singletrack clearing debris and deadfall in time for the heavy traffic season. In addition, a reroute has been complete in conjunction with member of the CCCC at the VASA singletrack off Supply Road. Three consecutive Tuesday evenings were spent marking new trail, clearing, clearing, and MORE clearing of the new section.  Kim Dittmar, John Roe, Tom White, Ali Bridson, Chris Remy and Dave Heim deserve a round of applause. Enjoy the ride!
  • Logsplitter: With the race just over a week away, the hard work is just begining. Thanks to the guys from Grayling, Brad Wagner, Ralph Opperman, Jon Rose, Kris Sutten, and Ali Bridson for helping get this race up and running again this year!
  • Glacial Hills: Helped the Grand Traverse Regional Land conservancy build single track and raise awareness of the build in the region.
  • Kalkaska Singletrack:  Finalizing with the DNR office.  Jeff Snyder, Gary Herbers, Bob Fenton and Jim Collins have been key in making this happen.

These are just a few highlights for the year, thanks for a great 2011!

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