Success at the HCP!

After a cold wet weekend we are finally warming up, unpacking and looking back on what a great time the High Country Pathway was once again despite the damp weather. We sunk over 30 sign posts, cleared trail openings, improved markings, trimmed pesky aspens from the clear cut sections by Rattlesnake Hill and removed deadfall and debris on the “mushroom trail”.

A huge thanks to Kevin Rose for using his hookup at McBain Building Products and putting who knows how many miles on his pickup truck hauling posts all over the four counties in the Pigeon River Forest.

To the Bissonette’s for coming out to their first trail day and running down the dirty wet roads resulting in what will probably $28.50 in quarters at the car wash just to see what color the truck is again. I had a great time sinking posts with you guys!

To Jeff Snyder for helping us get jump started on Friday sinking posts and for handling the power auger rental. The 80 miler may have given you a hard time this fall, but huge props for rolling out at 6:00 AM to give it a go solo.

To Joe “felpaj”, Tom Landry and Brad “Bh357″ for sticking around on Sunday to clear trail to make it better for the next riders.

To Andrea for being on the roving brush and trim crew, getting smores stuff and being the bar tender.

And of course to Ali the other half of the roving brush and trim crew and the other half of me who keeps me grounded and refrains from inflicting serious injury upon my person when I get a little stressed about projects that should be fun like this one. :)

Thanks again to everyone, we got the heavy lifting done with the posts, the spring work should be a breeze and I’m looking forward to that epic ride in June!


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